About Us

The Idea

Petmusts started with one simple goal. We wanted to make the world of pet ownership easy to understand and empower everyday pet owners living everyday lives with the ability to make the right choices and take control of their pet’s wellbeing.


We are a pet site with a focus on pet needs. Out audience is beginner and intermediate pet owners who perhaps aren’t familiar with the needs of their pets or are looking for relevant information to their pets.

They love the idea of keeping their pets happy and healthy without getting bogged with too much information or choices. Mostly helping the pet owners make more informed choices regarding the food, supplies and accessories related to pets.

We aspire to help pet owners reduce the discomfort and increase the enjoyment of owning a pet.


We want to think about every aspect of Pet ownership experience and make sure they are fully prepared for that. This will keep them happy, knowledgeable and comfortable. We want our readers to love owning a pet , and not to be put off by the challenges of owning a pet.

Meet our Team

Henry Scholes

After begging his parents to buy him a puppy on his 9th birthday. Henry has been a owner of 2 dogs and fishes for over 2 decades. Although he loves the joy and fun of owning a pet, He also likes to make better decisions regarding the pet’s well-being as hassle free as possible. His passion is improving client’s lives by creating sustainable health for the client’s pets. Henry’s mission to make pet ownership a fun and comfortable experience for all.


Vanessa Kelsall

Vanessa is the chief editor and a frequent contributor. Vanessa and Henry are a couple who adores pets. She lives with Henry in California. Vanessa is passionate about helping pet owners create a healthy lifestyle for their pets. She aims to accomplish this through preventative healthcare and positive reformation for a long, vibrant life of the pets. She’s raised and looked after many pets (including several dogs), and has been writing about pet-focused topics, recommendations and trends since 2017.


At Petmusts we provide an in-depth review of different products and supplies available for your pet needs.

If you have any concerns whatsoever, feel free to contact us.

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