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Best Accordion Gates For Pets & Dogs

#1 Best Choice

PAWLAND Wooden Freestanding Foldable Pet Gate

PAWLAND Wooden Freestanding Foldable Pet Gate


Four Paws Folding Panel Gate - Solid Wooden-Gate

Four Paws Folding Panel Gate - Solid Wooden-Gate


Wire Dog Gate with Arched Top​

Wire Dog Gate with Arched Top


Choosing an Accordion gate for your dog, whether for keeping your pet safe or for keeping your guests safe! , is not as complicated a process as it may seem.

In this article, we have reviews 10 best Accordion gates for pets and dogs with clear pros and cons in a way that is quick to read (less than 10 mins) and yet thorough.

These gates can be used as freestanding structures without attaching to anything. Others can also be secured firmly on the wall. Because of their design, some of them can be used as a room divider or as a pet pen.

They can be set up easily and no assembly is required for most of them. They are simple to fold when not in use. They are lightweight, portable and usually fold-up compactly for storage in order to get out of sight when not needed.

Most of these gates are made of wooden material, because it is light and easier to carry from one area to another. The wood material also compliments with most decor.

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Our Top Accordion Gates For Pets & Dogs

PAWLAND Wooden Freestanding Foldable Pet Gate

This is a 4 Panel Foldable Pet Gate with attractive wood finish.
The gate features an expandable hinged design which fits many widths. Great for the hallway, staircases, double doors and standard doorways.

The gate is sturdy with rubber non-slip feet and metal hinges. It is easy to set up and comes fully assembled. The height is 24-inches tall. It weighs 20 Lbs. Available in black and white color. 

Four Paws Folding Panel Gate - Solid Wooden-Gate

This Solid wooden-gate has 5 panels and can be installed permanently to the wall or used as a free stand structure. It can be mounted in a zigzag or straight configuration. It covers an opening of 110-inches in width.

All panels are of the same size each measuring 17-inches tall and 24-inches wide. Each slat space is 1-3/4-inches wide. It is flexible and therefore ideal for use in different areas in the home.

This gate folds up nicely and out of the way when you do not need to use it.It is constructed with unfinished solid wood, which can be stained with a natural color.

It is ideal for small pets that don’t jump over. The height will allow the home owner to step over. It is also available in a small 3-panel size. 

Wire Dog Gate with Arched Top​

This wire gate comes with an arched top and folds out into a free standing Z-shape It offers a decorative touch to your home. It comes with separate 3 panels. The panels feature durable MDF frame and inner steel metal wire.

The panels are joined together non flimsy, strong hinges.

You can use it in doorways, staircases, entryways and hallway. It has an attractive white finish.It weighs 18 lbs and measures 32-inch in height. Easy to setup and move around. It also comes assembled.

PRIMETIME PETZ 360˚ Configurable Pet Gate with Door

This fold configurable design consists of 4 panels each measuring 20-inches in width and 30-inches in height.The whole structure is 80-inches wide but covers an opening of about 70 to 72-inch wide.

The space between the wooden bars is about 1.75-inches wide. If you area is much wider, you can get additional panels. It is best to configure it in a zigzag way, especially if you want it stable and sturdy.

It is constructed with flexible solid wood and can also be used as a pet-pen. It has a 15-inch wide walk through opening.

It is designed for pets that can’t jump over. It easily folds for storage in small spaces. It has an attractive design and also lightweight. 

Richell 3-in-1 Convertible Elite Pet Gate

This 6-panel-gate is designed for small, medium and large dogs with a weight ranging from 8.8 to 44 lbs. Each of the 5 panels have a width of 30-inches.The other panel serves as a door and has a width of 26-inches.

The whole structure covers an opening ranging from 129.9 inches to 134.4 inches wide. It is 31.5 inch high. The wire slats are 1-1/8 inch apart.

The frame of each panel is constructed from rubber wood and have wire slats at the center .The panels are foldable and removable.

They usually fold back into a small package that can be tucked away in the a large closet. This matte black color complements most home decor. It is also available in other color and as a 4-panel size.

Cardinal Gates Perfect Fit Pet Gate​

This Cardinal pet-gate comprises 6 panels. Every panel has a width of 30 inches and a height of 26.5 inches. The wire bars are spaced 1-inch apart. One of the panel forms the door and comes in two sections each measuring 15 inches wide.

This door also has an inbuilt puppy-door measuring 10-inches tall and 10.5 inches wide. The panels are very flexible and can be removed and added with ease. Apart from being used as a barrier, it can also be used as a play yard. It folds to form an accordion-fold style.

The frames of the panel are constructed with solid wood covered with oil paint.

Giantex Configurable Dog Gate with Door, Freestanding Pet Gate

Giantex Configurable Dog Gate with Door, Freestanding Pet Gate is foldable and easy to store. It is lightweight and easy to carry.

It is made out of high quality wood with a special material finish. It is stable and durable for prolonged use.

It comes with a non-slip mat which protects your floor from scratches. It is easy to assemble and has straightforward illustrations and descriptions. Each panel can be rotated 360 degrees and provides high level of configuration.

Important Features to consider

There are various kinds of accordion dates available in the market. There are some important things to consider before you buy it:

Permanent Mounts
if you really plan to block an area and you are certain that you do not want a dog to enter that area. A permanent Mount is the best choice for search circumstances. Do not plan to preposition removal.

A permanent magnetic case provides great stability. They are sturdy and they don’t easily wobble or break.

Pressure mounts with bumpers
If you want to drill into your walls and you still want good stability. Pressure mounts are the best option because they provide you the portability and protection you need.

They might not be as stable as a permanent mount but it allows us to fine-tune the mount. You don’t really need to draw into the walls. If you choose to, you can install bumpers that fit the pressure pad of the gate. This way can avoid damage that is caused by installing and then reinstalling.

Walk-through or not
if you want to use the gates for longer x you might want to choose a gate that has the walkthrough ability. In most cases a walk through gate is a permanent installation. Most of the dog gates come with a permanent mount.

However, the installation of a mounted pressure Gate might be a bit more difficult on all Walkthrough gates. Once installed properly you will not find much difference between a pressure mount and a permanent installation.

Obviously a pressure melt will be more portable and easier to install and easier to move around as compared to a permanent mouth. Things to consider if you are going to move places for houses you have to move your gate as well.

In most cases the standing gates and fold-able gates are portable and you can use them anywhere without ever installing them. However when you fool them they actually e take up an amount of space so you might not be able to fill them in your car or in a small storage location.

Material of design
Most people prefer metal gates because it is more durable as compared to the world for plastic eggs. In most cases, it is up to the personal preference of the owner.

Nowadays even the plastic which is available is very lightweight and is as sturdy as some of the Steel Gates. Metal is generally inexpensive as compared to the metal Gates. The plastic being lighter can easily be put around by a big strong dog.

So you might need to consider your dog’s breed and your budget to make the final choice. We recommend wood and plastic cage for small babies for you if you have a strong or a big dog then we recommend metal Gates.

Doggie door

You might be wondering “why would I install a doggy door when I am going to use a dog gate?” .

However, this is more common than you think.You might have a doggy door to allow your dog to reach a certain outside area of your house. The dog can go outside and play in the area using the doggy door when it comes back in. It cannot go to the other rooms in your house because of the dog gates.

So if your dog loves to go outside or you want to talk to go outside on a regular basis. Then you might want to consider a permanent gate solution. since your dog can go outside using the doggy door.

This can be useful if you have more than one pet. you prefer One pet to go outside won pet to go outside and other fat to just stay in so you can design the door as per the size of the pet allowing only one kind of pet to go outside the doggie door.

Our # 1 Accordion Gate For Pets & Dogs

PAWLAND Wooden Gate

PAWLAND Wooden Freestanding Foldable Pet GateOur #1 Recommendation

Expandable design
Easy to setup
Fully assembled

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