Best Automatic Cat Litter Box

Best Automatic Cat Litter BoxAn automatic cat litter box is a self cleaning type of litter box that eliminates constant scooping, cleaning and refilling.

You will agree with me that cleaning any cat mess is unpleasant and also consumes your valuable time, while controlling odor is also difficult.

A self cleaning litter-box or even grass pee pads will help save your time and keep your house odor-free. In addition, it helps to keep your pet safe and clean.

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Most of these boxes require less clumping-litter compared to traditional litter boxes.

These automatic units are ideal for the elderly, the disabled, pregnant mothers including those who work late or travel a lot.

We review some of the best rated designs here.

CatGenie Self Washing Unit

CatGenie Self Washing UnitThis CatGenie self washing unit makes use of dust-free washable granules that resemble litter. This unit automatically flushes the waste away sending into the toilet or drain depending on the setup. It then automatically washes, sanitizes and also dries the granules and the entire unit. The entire unit and granules are left clean, dry, odor and germ free. This unit is ideal for cats that are aged six months and above and a total of one or two cats in a house.

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It has to be connected to an electrical outlet and cold water system. You can either set it up in the bath in order to allow the waste to drain into the toilet or have it in the laundry room so as to drain the waste into the drain. Included in the package is a box of washable granules and solution cartridge. It comes with 2-year warranty.

PetSafe Scoop Free Self-Cleaning Box

PetSafe Scoop Free Self-Cleaning BoxThis PetSafe ScoopFree Self-Cleaning unit operates automatically and sends the waste into a leak-proof disposable tray located underneath. The tray is replaced with a new one, once a month if you have one cat. The tray is usually filled with crystal litter that dries solid waste and absorbs urine to reduce odor. This crystal litter is dust-free with low tracking.It has a counter that tracks the usage of the unit by your cat to help monitor its health.

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This unit is fitted with a stainless-steel cleaning rake which is activated by sensors to automatically sweep away the waste into a dual covered trap sealing away the odor. It comes with a hood designed to give the pet much needed privacy including keeping the litter well contained. This box measures 27.5-inch long, 7-inch high and 19-inch wide. This unit operates quietly and is large enough for any cat. It is available in purple and taupe colors. See the video below illustrating how this Scoop-free box works.

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Petzone Smart Scoop Unit

Petzone Smart Scoop UnitPetzone Smart Scoop Unit has a sensor designed to activate the cleaning cycle 15 minutes after the cat leaves the box. It is fitted with a sturdy metallic rake which automatically scoops away the waste. It has powerful metallic gears that deliver great action to help scoop the heaviest clumps. It has a strong motor which runs efficiently and smoothly. It features carbon zeolite type of technology in order to control odor.

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The motor operates quietly. This unit uses any type of clumping litter. It comes with a month supply of non-touch 6 plastic bags and carbon zeolite filters. It is lightweight in design and easy to maintain. It is very easy to assemble. It also disassembles easily for maintenance and cleaning. It uses less litter and is easy to operate.

LitterMaid Box

LitterMaid BoxThis LitterMaid unit is a large box with high walls at the sides. It offers the cat plenty of space without making messes on the floor. It has a rake that is activated by dual motion sensors to automatically scoop the litter away into a waste receptacle. The rake is usually activated 10 minutes after the cat exits the unit. The tray is fitted with a carbon filter that absorbs and removes odor. The rake is removable for easy cleaning of the unit. There is a safety bar to stop the rake when there is a blockage.

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This device uses natural corn clumping litter which traps liquid and controls odor. This unit measures 14-inches wide by 17-inches long. It is ideal for cats weighing over 15 pounds and multiple cats in a house. Included in the package are AC Adapter, four carbon filters, paw cleaning ramp, cleaning brush and four waste receptacles.

Self-Cleaning Litter Box

This Open-Air model is ideal for households with multiple cats. It is recommended for cats weighing 5 pounds and above. The entry-way is oval, upward-facing and large in size allowing big cats to access the litter box. The litter chamber is ergonomically shaped to accommodate large, medium and small cats.  This unit rotates to automatically clean itself after every use.

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It has a weight sensor that adjusts to detect both large and small cats entering or exiting the chamber. The waste is then deposited in a waste drawer fitted with replaceable carbon filter for absorbing odors. The waste drawer has an indicator to signal when it is full. The drawer is removable and easy to clean with soap and water. In addition, this model is also equipped with brush-seal at the base to contain odors within the waste drawer and the base. This model also has an automatic shut off feature for safety measures when the globe is overloaded or jammed. This model works well with clay-based high-quality clumping liter. It uses less litter and minimizes odor and spilling of litter. The night light is automatic for convenient use of the litter box at night by elderly cats. The control panel is easy to use. This Litter-box weighs 24 pounds. When fully assembled it measures 29.5-inch tall by 24.25-inch wide by 27-inch deep. The entryway is 15.5-inch tall by 10.25-inch wide.

Robot LRII Box

Robot LRII BoxThis Robot LRII Box sifts litter automatically after every use, eliminating the need to keep scooping the waste. The automatic sifting mechanism leaves the litter clean and the waste is sent to a large air-tight drawer underneath. The drawer is lined with the usual garbage bags to collect the waste. You only have to change the bags when full, once or twice a week. Changing  the bags is quite easy and not time consuming. Your cat will have a clean box every time they use it.

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The box is well made and sturdy. The unit is self enclosed which helps to minimize dust and odor. It uses regular, inexpensive clumping litter and is easy to setup. It is large in size and ideal for bigger cats. It doesn’t use wires or rakes that may break, jam or clog the unit. It has to be plugged in and runs on 12VDC. It makes use of less litter. It is durable and well constructed. This model is available in beige, black and gray colors.

Tips On Use of Litter Boxes

  • Keep the box in a quiet, convenient area within the reach of your pet. Ensure the area or the box can provide some privacy.
  • Keep the unit away from water and food bowls.
  • Make use of litter mats to prevent unsightly messes around the box.
  • Allocate one box to one cat.
  • Get the right size for your cat.
  • Ensure the clumping litter is adequate.
  • Always make it a habit to regularly check and keep the box clean.
  • Always replace the litter in case you notice lot of clumps and unpleasant odor.