Best Doggie Doors For Screen Doors & Windows

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Doggie Door For Screen Doors

Doggie doors for screen doors are often designed as flap panels that provide adequate opening for dogs and cats to pass through.

Just like walkthrough pet gates, these doors provide pets with convenient access in and out of the house and prevent tears on screen-doors.

They are usually installed on existing screen-doors preferable closer to the sides in order to give more stability.These flap panels can also be installed on screened windows or any other existing screened area.

Some of them are designed as hanging flaps, while others come with magnetic closure system that provides auto opening and auto locking mechanism. They come either as see-through or opaque doors.

They come in various sizes to accommodate different pet sizes. They differ in design and in their construction as well. Available in a variety of colors.

Here are some of the top rated designs.

Namsan Gate Way

Namsan Gate Way

Namsan Gate Way comes as a prefabricated door available in all sizes, ideal for cats and small, medium to large dogs. It comes pre-assembled with an easy to install procedure. It is made of light plastic material. It has magnetic closure to keep it closed when not in use, and to prevent insects from getting in.

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The door opens both ways providing pet passage to and from the house. It self closes automatically. Available in black color, it has a neat four paneled symmetrical design with polymer moldings. You can buy additional hardware such as nuts, screws and washers to make it sturdy.

Gate Way Pet Door

Gate Way Pet Door

This Gate Way pet-door is a lightweight yet durable, built from plastic material.Ideal for screened doors and windows to provide passage cats and small to large sized dogs. It works as a flap door that swings open both ways and has a lock feature.

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Its flap feature allows pets to freely walk through to and from an area. Easy to install with its snap-on procedure. It is a 2 piece design, where one piece usually snaps over each side of the screen. To attach it more firmly, you need to pre-drill holes throughout and use screws to hold it together.It measures 12 inches by 16 inches and weighs 1.4 pounds.

Medium/Large Pet-Door

Medium Large Pet-Door

This door panel is a hinged plastic flap design that opens both ways. The hinged design allows wider swing range ideal for taller dog breeds. It has a magnetic closure that secures the flap panel in place when not in use. It features a more durable installation process where the frame of flap-door is secured on the screen with the use of eight sets of stainless steel screws. This ensures that flap door stays in place even with prolonged use which makes it most suitable for medium sized to large dogs of less than 90 pounds.

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The flap and inner opening of the frame is designed with contoured corners which eliminate sharp corners adding an extra layer of protection for the pet. The door-opening measures 13.62 x 12.25 inches.

PetSafe Door For Small Pets

PetSafe Pet Screen Door

The PetSafe screen-door is made of lightweight plastic material. It can be installed in either metal screen doors or PVC screen mesh doors. Installation is easy with its snap on feature that lets you build a safe and convenient pet passage for cats and small dogs weighing about 15 pounds. It is easy to remove and can be reinstalled on another screen door.

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The flap door design swings both ways and has locking tabs on both bottom corners to lock it when not in use.The flap or pet passage opening measures 8 inches by 10 inches. Available in brown color.

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