Best Doorway Gates For Dogs

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Doorway Gates For Dogs

The best doorway gates for dogs are designed with durable material.

Adjustable and expandable features work best  for these type of barriers, while easy installation features provide a scuff free installation that can be done in matter of minutes.

Some of them have a walkthrough feature.

Before buying one of these barriers, it is important to consider the specifications of your doorway or hallway entry in order to ensure that the barrier offers adequate width to cover a restricted area especially those with litterboxes.

The height must be considered as well. For household with small to medium dogs, a standard height of 30 to 36 inches may be adequate, while household with larger dogs or cats that can jump high, you may require more height – around 38 to 42 inches tall.

Other features to consider are locking mechanism, installation and mounting requirements, and provisions to expand the use of additional panels.

Here are some of the most top rated designs.

Regalo Home Accents Gate

Regalo Home Accents Gate

The Regalo Home Accents gate combines the durability of metal and the inherent beauty of hardwood to add a unique charm to your home when installed. Built with black steel and premium finished Cherry wood. The gate is 38-inch tall and ideal for medium to large dogs from 65-90 pounds. It covers an adjustable width ranging from 29.5 to 44 inches. It comes with additional 4 inch and 6 inch panels to fit a variety of openings. It is pressure mounted but additional hardware is included if you want to screw it permanently on the wall.

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Tested safe for children and pets, its elegant design featuring a walk through door panel with an easy-to-open, one click mechanism. The walk thru door is 16 –inch wide. The space between bars ranges from 2.25 to 2.75 inches.

Design Studio Auto Close-Gate

Design Studio Auto Close-Gate

This Design Studio Auto close gate is made of quality steel and comes with decorative cherry-wood accents. It measures 32-inch tall and is perfect for small to medium-sized pets. It covers doorways that are 37.5 to 40 inches in width. It has a walk-thru opening that is 19-inch wide. The door opens either way and also closes automatically. It also has a small lower door that is 10.25 inch tall by 6.75-inch. The space between vertical bars is 2-inch.

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This barrier is pressure mounted using included tension knobs. Pressure pads that protect door jambs from scratches and scuffs are also included.

Bindaboo Swing-Close Expandable Design

Bindaboo Swing-Close Expandable Gate

Bindaboo swing-close expandable design is specifically designed to fit a variety of width. It comes in different sizes including one that fits standard doorways ranging from 28 to 32 inches wide. It is 29.5 inches tall and ideal for puppies and small dogs of 10 pounds to 35 pounds. It features all-steel sturdy construction.

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It is designed with a walk through door panel with a single click locking mechanism. This door panel is designed to close automatically. The space between vertical bars is 2.25 inches. It is tension mounted and expandable up to 188 inches wide with individually sold extensions. Available in white and black colors.

Primetime Petz Gate For Wide Doorways

Primetime Petz  Gate For Wide Doorways

The Primetime Petz Gate is designed for wide doorway openings. The gate is 36-inch tall and perfect for all sized dogs. It consists of four panels each 22-inch wide. The panels are adjustable to fit a width of 80 inches. The wooden spindles are 1.75-inch apart. Built with durable wooden material and has a beautiful walnut finish.

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It has a walkthrough door panel locks securely and opens in either direction both inwards and outwards. It comes with rubber pads at the bottom to keep floors safe from getting scratched and to prevent sliding. The overall dimension is 88inch long by 0.75inch wide by 36-inch tall. This model is a freestanding design. It can also be configured into different positions.

Emperor Rings Pressure Mount Design

Emperor Rings Pressure Mount Gate

Emperor Rings gate fits doorways and hallways with openings that range from 34 to 40 inches. It measures 32 inches tall. Safe for households with toddlers and convenient for adults to use.

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Made of highly durable wrought iron and steel with black finish. Installation is easy without any drilling. It pressure mounts and has a walk-thru feature with a sliding type of lock.The bars are spaced 2-3/8-inch apart.

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