Best Freestanding Dog Gates For Indoor Openings

Best Freestanding Dog Gates For Indoor Openings

#1 Best Choice

Ritchell Deluxe Extra Large-Gate With Door

Richell Deluxe Extra Large-Gate With Door


Richell Adjustable Large Gate for Puppies and Medium Sized Pets

Richell Adjustable Large Gate


Richell Mission Aztec Gate

Richell Mission
Aztec Gate

Choosing a Freestanding Dog gate for your dog, whether for keeping your pet safe or for keeping your guests safe! , is not as complicated a process as it may seem.

In this article, we have reviews 10 best Freestanding Dog gates with clear pros and cons in a way that is quick to read (less than 10 mins) and yet thorough.

These pet gates are built with different types of durable material and usually come in various dimensions such as extra tall designs.

Some of them are designed for wider openings while others are designed for regular areas.

They are convenient when training your pet on space and activity definition. Whether your pet is still a puppy or an adult dog, the need to set house rules is prerequisite to be a successful dog owner and to have a well behaved pet.

It is imperative that your pet knows exactly what activities are allowed in each delegated space.

Here are some of the top rated designs.

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Our Top Freestanding Dog Gates For Indoor Openings

Ritchell Deluxe Extra Large-Gate With Door

This extra large-gate covers a width of 61.8 to 90.2 inches. It is 36.2 inches high and is also helpful in containing cats that can’t jump that height.It is ideal for medium to large dogs weighing 17.6 to 88 lbs. It is designed with side panels that prevent the gate from tipping over.

The structure has a walk-thru door that is 19.5 inches wide. The door locks automatically at the top/bottom and also opens in either direction.

The frame is constructed with rubber-wood and has metal slats at the center. The space between wire slats is 1.75 inches.

It is available in other sizes too. Its rubber feet also prevents sliding of the floor.

Richell Adjustable Large Gate for Puppies and Medium Sized Pets

This Richell adjustable gate offers variations on width dimensions so that it can be adjusted to fit in any desired space in hallways, doorways, stairs, fireplace or other sections of the house. It covers an expandable width ranging from 39.8 inch to 71.3 inch. It is 20.5 inch high.It is ideal for puppies and medium sized pets weighing 6.5 to 17.5 lbs.

It is designed as a two-panel movable front grid. By simply adjusting the screws, the panel easily expands to any desired width.

The main frame is made of hardwood and has wire slats at the center. The space between wire slats is 1.25 inches.It is durable and lightweight.It is available in different colors and also available in a small size.It preserves and protects the interior of your home with its installation-free procedure.

The angled side panels provide stability to the structure. The base of both side panels come with quality rubber feet that prevents scratches on the floor. 

Richell Mission Aztec Gate

This Richell Mission Aztec-gate features beautifully crafted design. It is ideal and convenient to use in your home. It’s adjustable and non-install features, makes it perfect for any indoor location such as doorways and hallway entrance openings that are 42.1 to 72 inches wide. It is 23.5 inches tall.

Its translucent heavy plastic stained panel at the top adds a certain charm to the design that makes this collapsible fence blend in with the interior of any home decor.

It features hardwood frame and sturdy wire slats at the middle.The space between wire slats is 1.75 inches.

Rubber feet are attached to the bottom of each side panel for a slip-free feature. It is perfect for small to medium dogs weighing 6.6 to 33 lbs.

Carlson Extra Wide Wooden Gate

This extra wide wooden gate with is designed with two movable, front panel wire-mesh grids. Each panel slides smoothly to adjust to the desired width so that it fits a width of 40 to 70 inches in a doorway or hallway opening. It is 20 inch tall. It is light weight, easy to set up and move.

It is ideal for puppies, small to medium sized dogs.

The frame is made of durable Cherry wood and has wire slats at the center. It has rubber feet, to keep the panels from sliding when you puppy pushes on it.

It can be used as a freestanding design or pressure mounted on the wall by securing the panels tightly with the use of four sets of tension screws that are provided in the kit.

Internet’s Best Traditional Pet Gate

This Pet Gate is a freestanding barrier. It is versatile and ideal for staircases, doorways, halls and entryways. It comprises of three sturdy panels measuring 36-inches tall. Each panel is 20-inches wide.

The panels are solid and weighted. This gate is great for confining puppies and dogs, while allowing cats to jump over. The panes are held together by hinges.

This barrier is designed to open out into a Zigzag pattern. It is made of sturdy solid-wood. The space between pickets is 1.5-inches.

It folds flat to a smaller size of 2.25-inches for easy storage. It has an attractive white finish. It is well-built and ideal for indoor use. No assembly required, you just need to unfold and go.

Best Choice Adjustable Fence-Gate

This Best Choice adjustable fence-gate is designed with a two-panel front grid fence design that adjusts to cover an opening that ranges from 40 to 70 inches in width. It measures 21 inches in height and is easy for adults to step over. The frame is constructed with quality hardwood material that is warp free and splinter free. The wood materials are treated with a natural stain and coated with scratch resistant glossy polyurethane finish.

The side panels on both ends of the structure provide durable support that prevents the structure from wobbling or tipping over.

It has a medium honey brown color. It is both functional and decorative. It is recommended for small to medium sized dogs.

Types of Dog Gates

There are several types of Dog gates available that can be used indoors and outdoors.

Adjustable tension gate

Adjustable tension gates are attached between two fixed points.

Those points can be between sides of a staircase and a wall or two walls. The main attachment points require two to four screws and some protective covering for the screws.

The screws will hold the stand firmly in place and protective covering will protect your walls from damage and marks. These gates are able to withstand the weight and wear and tear from large breed of dogs (provided your dog doesn’t get into ‘The Hulk’ mode and does a hulk smash!). A little bit of dog training will definitely help here!

Freestanding Dog Gate

The freestanding dog gate is easy to move and it stands up by itself without any support. There aren’t any connections to any walls or fences. These gates are designed in a manner that allows them to stand sturdily and are generally made out of heavy materials. Thus making it harder for your dog to topple them.

They are most effective with smaller sized dogs and puppies. They might not be suitable for larger dogs (You don’t want one of them to fall over on to your foot! Ouch!).

Hinged & Foldable dog gates

These are designed to take up less space as compared to the other models. Hinged gates consist of multiple hinges on each panel in the gate, that allows the panes to be folded in a stack-able form.

This is especially useful when you have some new or unexpected visitors at home , so that you can set it up quickly.

Generally the hinged gates are not the strongest of the gates and can be pushed over quite easily by bigger dogs. They are more suited for small breed and relatively well behaved dogs.

Walk-through Dog Gates

Walkthrough Gates are the most commonly used gates. They are generally attached to  doors or walls, Gate can be easily opened for you to walk through it.

The gate comprises of some adjustable screws and comes with a protective rubber coating on the screws. The rubber coating prevents the wall from being damaged in the screws hold the gate in place between the walls.

Most of the walkthrough Gates can be permanently attached with Hinges and screws to the walls. Such gates generally have a button, a latch to unhook, and open the gate.
These gates are generally very sturdy. However, they create a small tripping hazard as they have a supporting frame along the floor. This can be overcome easily with some basic training for your dog.

Wall-Mounted Gates

Wall-mounted gates can be attached to one or both sides of the wall. Some designs have permanently fixed hinges with removable or fold-able panels. This allows us to connect the gate fairly quickly and easily.

These gates consist of removable parts and can be easily stored. Some designs allows us to fold up the gates and push the sections to a side.

The main issue with such gates is that they are fixed permanently which can be inconvenient. Since, they are attached to the wall they cannot be removed easily.

Our # 1 Best Freestanding Dog Gates For Indoor Openings

Richell Deluxe Extra Large-Gate With Door Vs Others: Which Is Better Overall?

While the gates presented are supposed to provide a similar amount of benefits and certainly a more safe environment for your pet, they differ in a few small but essential ways.

I prefer Richell Deluxe Extra Large-Gate With Door as it has:

Large Panels
Side Panels to Prevent Tipping
Rubber Feet for Stability
Automatic door locking

Read our full review about the Richell Deluxe Extra Large-Gate here.

Have you tried Richell Deluxe Extra Large-Gate ?

Which model do you prefer?

Richell Deluxe Extra Large-Gate With Door

Ritchell Deluxe Extra Large-Gate With Door
Our #1 Recommendation

Extra Large Gate
Side Panels Prevent Tipping Over
Rubber Feet
Door Locks Automatically

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