Best Hands Free Dog Harness For Running

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Hands Free Dog Harness For Running

Dogs are one of the most treasured pets around the world. The best dog harnesses for running are those designed to be hands free in order to ensure comfort, safety and convenience.

You are able to free up your hands so that you can easily use your phone or take a selfie.

Most of them have no pull leashes that come with an attached belt designed to fit snuggly around the waist of the dog owner. The leash is usually attached to the dog collar.

These leashes are available in different colors, designs and sizes.

Here are some top rated designs.

Mighty Paw Bungee

Mighty Paw Leash

Mighty Paw bungee is made of weather resistant material that won’t wear even when exposed to moisture. It features reflective stitching along the length to help increase visibility when it is dark. It has been cross stitched to provide optimal strength. It comprises of a belt and a leash with lightweight connectors/clasps.

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This belt is lightweight in design and fit waist that is 26 up to 42 inches. It has an adjustable connector and a D-ring that rotates around the waist-belt to keep the pet in position. The belt-strap has a quick release plastic buckle that you can use in case you want to unbuckle the dog-leash quickly in a matter of seconds. This leash extends from 16 to 56 inches in order to fits dogs weighing 30 to 100lbs. It is also great to use when hiking or jogging. It is available in two sizes. A separate collar to attach the leash can be bought separately.

Tuff Mutt Dog-Leash

This Tuff Mutt Dog-Leash is made with luminous reflective stitching material that won’t break or snap. This leash is fully adjustable up to 5-feet so that the dog can be farther away or closer to you. The waist belt can also be adjusted to fit small, medium or large waist from 26-inch up to 42 inches.

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The belt-strap has a quick-release buckle for those cases that you want to detach your dog in a flash. A dual control handles to keep your dog closer. It comes with heavy duty metal clip that attaches the dog-leash to a collar. It can also be used for bike riding.

LANNEY Leash With Belt Bag

This LANNEY leash features premium metal clips, two handles and nylon material. It extends from 49 to 69 inches. This leash fits both medium and large dogs. The waist-belt and leash has reflective thread stitching for safety purposes and more visibility at night. It is constructed with solid metallic clasps and also features durable nylon webbing.

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The waist-belt extends from 27 to 46 inches. It has a removable mesh belt-bag measuring 7-inch by 4.5 inch. You can keep the bag in any position on your waist and is perfect for carrying your keys, phone or a wallet. It has an easier mechanism to detach the dog-leash from the belt-strap quickly.

Roadrunner Leash With LED Light

Roadrunner Leash

This Roadrunner-Leash fits small to large dogs. The waist-belt is one inch wide and adjusts from 26 to 49 inches. This belt has a quick-release mechanism that makes it easy to release the dog-leash and reconnect the pet swiftly.

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The dog-leash adjusts from 35 to 57 inches. An included LED light can be attached on to the leash to help with visibility during night walks. It is available in Black, Blue, Pink Red and Orange colors.

Puppylovee Bungee Dog-Leash

Puppylovee Bungee Dog-Leash

This Puppylovee Bungee Dog-Leash comes with a lightweight comfort-fit waist band that adjusts up to 40 inches. This Bungee-leash has uniquely designed shock absorber to absorb force emitted by energetic dogs.

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It has bearings at the ends of the leash to prevent it from getting tangled. This leash extends from 32 to 40 inches.

It features reflective stitching making it ideal for use when running at night. The hardware is made of metallic material.

Tips For Choosing The Best Hands Free Dog Harness For Running

It is important therefore, to choose the right size that will give your dog enough room to run in front of you or to run by your side, whatever your preference.

The straps should be broad enough because if they are thin and rope like, they can dig up into the soft skin of your pet and cause injury especially in situations when it is likely to pull.

Ensure that your harness is made of durable and tough material that is effective even with most of the powerful, energetic dogs, and also able to withstand most of outdoor elements.

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