Best Pet Gates For Wide Openings

Best Pet Gates For Wide Openings

#1 Best Choice

Pet Gate with Arched Top

Pet Gate with Arched Top


Four Paws 5-Panel Gate

Four Paws 5-Panel Gate


3-in-1 Convertible Design

3-in-1 Convertible Design

Choosing an Pet gate with a wide opening for your dog, whether for keeping your pet safe or for keeping your guests safe! , is not as complicated a process as it may seem.

In this article, we have reviews 7 best Dog gates with wide openings with clear pros and cons in a way that is quick to read (less than 10 mins) and yet thorough.

They come in different designs and are constructed with different materials. They are constructed with attractive heavy-duty metal material or hard wood material that complements most house décor and interiors.

Some are meant to stand alone while others can either be hardware mounted or pressure mounted. Free-standing designs allow for easy installation anywhere in your home, anytime you need them.

Some have expandable designs that are able to fit in a variety of openings in your home, while other pet-gates are constructed with removable panels to allow configuration in different sizes.

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Our Top Pet Gates For Wide Openings

Pet Gate with Arched Top

This Pet Gate is a four panel design with arched top. It folds out to fit multiple configuration on the doorways, hallways, entryways and staircases.

The panels are fitted together with sturdy metal hinges. It is constructed with sturdy MDF.

It comes fully assembled. It stands 36-inches tall and has a width of 80-inches. Each panel is 20-inches wide.

The space between the slats is 2-inches.It is ideal for large dogs. It has a rich attractive espresso finish. It folds easily for easy storage.

Four Paws 5-Panel Gate

This 5 panel gate can either be used as free standing or mounted securely on a wall using the included hardware. Each panel is 24 inch wide and 17 inches in height. The space between each slat is about 1.75 inch. The 5–panel gate will fit a width of 110 inches.

It is made of solid unfinished wood. It is perfect for non-jumping small pets. It is very lightweight and easy to carry from one room to another.

It is great for indoors and fold ups easily for compact storage. It is easy to set up. Mount it securely on the wall for dogs above 10 lbs.

For lighter puppies you can use it as freestanding and make it stand in a crisscross or zigzag way. It is low enough for adults to walk over with no problem. It is also available as a 3-panel.

3-in-1 Convertible Design

This 3-in-1 convertible design can be used as a pet-pen, a room divider or a free-standing barrier. The 6-panel gate is recommended for small to large sized dogs weighing 8.8 to 44 lbs. Each of the panel measures 30-inches wide.

One of the panels is a door that is 26-inches wide.It is a flexible design that can be used in different arrangements. The space between the slats is 1-1/8 inches.When used as a barrier, the 6-panel covers a width of 129.9 to 134.4 inches. It is 31.5 inch in height.

The panels are removable to allow adjustment in any opening.It is made with rubberwood and wire slats. In order for it to be sturdy when used as a free-standing design, 2 of the panels should be turned in at 90 degrees. For added stability, the included caps should be used to lock the panel in position at the 90 degrees.

It is great for keeping cats away from an area. It is also comes as a 4-panel gate. It folds well for easy storage. It is lightweight and very portable. It comes in an attractive design. 

Tall Richell Deluxe Gate with Door

This Richell Deluxe gate is 36.2-inches tall and high enough to prevent cats from jumping over. It fits areas that are 61.8 to 90.2 inch in width. It is ideal for medium-to-extra large dogs weighing 17.6 to 88 pounds. It has wire slats and the frame is made of rubber wood.

The gap between the wire slats is 1.75 inch. It has specially designed side panels that keep the gate stable without tipping over.

It has a walk-through door that is 19.5 inch wide. The door locks automatically and opens in either direction. The door has a stay open feature and remains open at 90 degrees to allow free movement. It comes with rubber feet that keeps it from sliding or scratching on hard floor. 

Primetime Petz Configurable Design

This Primetime Petz configurable design can be used as a gate or as a pet-pen. It is 30-inches tall. It is a 4-panel design and each panel is 20-inch in width. Overall, it is 80 inches wide but covers a width of about 70-72-inches depending on how you configure it.

Optional extension panels can be bought if you area is much wider. The wooden bars are spaced 1.75-inches apart. For it to be sturdy and stable, the best option is to configure it in a zigzag way.It is made of solid wood.

It is designed for dogs and cats that can’t jump over. It folds easily for compact storage. It has a 15-inch wide opening for walking through.

It is lightweight and has an attractive design. It comes assembled and ready to use.

North States Deluxe Wider-Gate

This North States Deluxe gate comes in an attractive matte bronze finish. It fits wide openings that are 37 inches to 71-inches. It is 30 inches in height and the bars are spaced 2 inches apart. It features durable metal construction.

It is designed to be hardware mounted by screwing it into the walls. It has as arched walk-through door that is 25.5-inches wide. The door has a stay-open feature and closes automatically.

It has rubber legs to avoid scratching the floor.You can easily detach either side of the gate and then fold it up along the wall. It can also be used as a baby-gate and is ideal for medium-sized dogs. 

Our # 1 Best Playpen For Dogs For Indoor & Outdoors

After taking everything into consideration, the Internet’s Best Pet Gate with Arched Top stands out over its competition.

It’s a great value for money and provides more than enough panels for best placement. The additional panels gives us great option to create a play pen, but they don’t provide easy access for pets like the walk-though gates do.

Despite what some may feel is that is lightweight, it has sturdy metal hinges.

This product is easy to setup and has a great Espresso finish. It’s a product that does its job well enough to rely on the results to speak for themselves.

Midwest Black E-Coat Exercise Pen

Pet Gate with Arched Top

Our #1 Recommendation

Four Panel Design
Sturdy Metal Hinges
Espressso Finish
Easy to St Up

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