Best Shock Collar For Big Dogs

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Best Shock Collar For Big DogsDog shock collars play an important role especially when it comes to training big dogs how to be well mannered and also to control embarrassing disobedience.

Just like no-pull harnesses, these collars also help dog owners to gain better control of their pet, while helping the pets to learn how to obey commands.

These collars are designed to deliver strong shocks as well as vibrations in order to eliminate bad behavior such as chasing cars, jumping, barking, chewing/biting, running away and not responding immediately when called.

These shocks and vibrations are not painful but the pet can notice and respond.

They are an effective way to communicate with the pet about its behavior and your dissatisfaction about it.

The perfect collar should do its intended work and at the same time provide comfort to the dog without injuring it in any way.

It is important to ensure that it has the right fitting so that it is not too tight to cause pain or soreness and at the same time it isn’t loose enough to help the dog go scot-free.

These collars come in different styles, designs, and sizes.

Here are some designs to choose from.

Petrainer 330 Yards E-collar

Petrainer 330 Yards E-collarPetrainer 330 Yards E-collar comes with beep, shock and vibration functions. One set has two collar-receivers, one remote-transmitter, one charger, one test bulb, two adjustable belts, two USB charging cable and metal probes-3 set. The collar/ receiver is waterproof and rechargeable. The remote transmitter works within a range of up to 330 yards and is also rainproof. The transmitter and receiver have in-built high-capacity rechargeable lithium batteries. Both receiver and remote can be charged at the same time to help save time.

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The remote has backlight LCD screen that is easy-to-read. Shock and vibration stimulation signals can be adjusted up to100 diverse levels. It fits dogs weighing 15 to 100 lbs. The collar adjusts from 7 to 27 inches in length.

Esky Training-Collar

Esky Training-CollarThis Esky training-collar is ideal for medium or large dogs. It has one beep level tone function, vibration and static shock stimulations that can be adjusted up to 100 different levels and transmitted at an area of up to 300 yards. The package comes with one adjustable belt, one collar-receiver, one remote transmitter, metal probes two set, one test bulb, one charger, one USB charging cable and a warranty card.

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The remote and receiver are rechargeable. The rechargeable remote-transmitter has LCD clear display for night and day visibility. This remote is built with fine-frosted durable matte material. The remote has a bright color making it hard to lose. The collar-receiver comes with enhanced charging internal controls. The adjustable collar-belt is water resistant. It is easy to set up and user friendly.

Dogwidgets DW-15 Electronic Rechargeable E-Collar

Dogwidgets DW-3 Electronic Rechargeable E-CollarThis E-Collar is a safe and effective trainer ideal for small, medium as well as large dogs weighing 6 to 100 lbs. It is designed to vibrate and deliver shocks to get rid of bad behavior. This comes as a set containing one remote control, one collar-receiver, one adjustable belt, one USB cable, one wall charger, two metal prongs, two rubber prongs and one tester bulb.The remote control is battery operated and has 7 buttons for vibrations and shocks. It is able to deliver one strong vibration and six diverse levels of shock intensity with an area of up to 600 feet. The collar-receiver is water-resistant and rechargeable with on & off power button.

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The nylon collar-belt is durable, thick and able to adjust from 6 to 24 inches long. The receiver should be fully charged before it is put on and the probes should be close to the skin of the neck so that the pet can feel the shock and be able to respond. The tester bulb helps you to know if power is on and working. You have an option to use the rubber or metal prongs.

Wireless Training E-Collar

This Wireless Training E-Collar has tone, shock and vibration stimulation signals that can be delivered to the receiver within an area of up to 330 yards. Shock and vibrations can be adjusted between 1 to 100 levels of different intensity. It fits large, medium including small dogs weighing 10 to 110 pounds.

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The collar is adjustable to fit necks that are 7-inches to 26-inches in size. Both the receiver and the remote control use Lithium Ion batteries. The collar is IPX7 waterproof. It is recommended to reposition the collar on the neck every 1 to 2 hours.

PetSafe Remote Trainer

PetSafe Remote TrainerThis PetSafe remote trainer comes with a handheld electronic remote-transmitter that delivers signals to the receiver within a range of 1000 yards. It delivers 15 levels of beep and shock signals. The collar/ receiver is waterproof and adjustable.

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It is designed to fit medium to large-sized pets. Both the remote and collar come with built-in batteries which are rechargeable. One set comes with one long adjustable collar/receiver, the remote transmitter, a tester tool, a charger, and an instructional booklet. It is black in color.

These dog training collars are effective and pleasant to use than shoving or shouting at your pet.

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