Best Top & Bottom Stair Gates For Dogs

Best Top & Bottom Stair Gates For Dogs

#1 Best Choice

Carlson Extra Wide Walk Through Pet Gate with Small Pet Door

Extra-Wide Carlson Gate


Summer Multi-Use Deco Extra Tall Walk-Thru Gate

Summer Multi-Use Gate


Toddleroo by North States 38.5” Wide Easy Close Baby Gate

North States Easy Close Metal Gate

You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars for stair gates to keep your dog from running around.

We’ve put together the list of the best top and bottom stair gates for pets and dogs based on budget, build quality, ease of use and durability.

With this review you will be able to make an informed decision avoid wasting your precious money and time.

You can rest assured knowing that your future self will thank you for your choice.

Medium and large sized breeds can be difficult to handle since they have a tendency and enough energy to push and pull. Making use of stair gates gives the owner the control over the area the dogs can access.

The stair gates are designed with easy to install and adjustable expanding features that fit perfectly in most staircases. Adjustable panels offer the flexibility of customizing the width of the gate based on the specifications of the stairway opening. A stable barrier prevents it from wobbling or tipping over.

Here are some of top rated designs. Let’s go

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Carlson Extra Wide Walk Through Pet Gate with Small Pet Door

This extra-wide gate is ideal for homes with wide staircase opening. It is made with an adjustable design so that it is easy to custom-fit it to the precise width specification of the opening or doorway. Its width measurement ranges from 29 inches to 44 inches.

Made of durable reinforced steel and coated with pet safe materials.

It features a convenient walk-through feature with a lock-and-release lever. It also has a mini flap door at the bottom portion which serves as a walk-through feature for small pets.

Easy to assemble and is pressure mount. It has wall cups and screws for a tight and secure fit especially at the top staircase. The gate measures 30 inches in height.

It comes with one 6 inch extension and one 4 inch extension included. This barrier is designed for medium to large-sized dogs that weigh 65 to 95 pounds.

Summer Multi-Use Deco Extra Tall Walk-Thru Gate

This Summer multi-use gate is a beautifully designed metal barrier. Great functional and decorative structure for indoor use that’s safe for both children and pets. It is built with durable metal materials with a bronze or beige finish that blends in with interior and fixtures of most homes.

Panel extensions of 4.5-inch and 9 inches are included for an adjustable feature. Its adjustable width fits openings from 28 inches to 48 inches wide.

It can be tension-mounted or screwed into the wall especially on top stairway. It is 36 inches high with a convenient walk-through feature and safety dual lock mechanism.

The walkthrough opens on either side and closes automatically. It is a sturdy barrier for large dogs even those weighing 80 to 120 pounds.It can also serve as a baby gate. 

Toddleroo by North States 38.5” Wide Easy Close Baby Gate

This North States Easy Close Metal Gate is a durable design that’s safe for children and pets. It is made of durable white powder coated steel. It fits openings ranging from 28 to 31.5 inches.

It has two extension panels included to increase the width up to 38.5-inches. It measures 28 inches in height and is ideal for small to medium sized dogs that weigh within the range of 10 to 65 pounds.

The 18.5-inch wide walk-thru door is designed with an easy-close feature and swings open both inwards and outwards.

It has a double-lock feature that’s easy to handle via a single-touch lever. The space between metal bars is 2.25-inch. It is pressure mounted and ideal for bottom of stairs.

Cardinal Gates Stairway Special Gate

This Cardinal stairway special gate stands at 29.5 inches in height making it ideal for small and medium dogs. All parts are made of highly durable rust proof aluminium with powder-coated finish. It has an adjustable frame ranging from 27 inches to 42.5 inches in width.

Additional extension panel can be bought, if your staircase is much wider.

It is fixed on the wall for a stable fit. It is lightweight yet secure and sturdy. It can also be angle mounted at odd spaces. The metal bars are spaced 2.5-inch apart.

This gate swings smoothly to open in both directions, but has a stopper so that it can open in one direction only.It is available in black and white colors. 

Cardinal Gates Outdoor Safety Gate, Brown

This Cardinal outdoor gate is ideal for outdoor use at the deck or porch area. It is constructed with rust proof aluminium material with powder-coated finish. All its mounting hardware is made of stainless steel material. It is 29.5 inches tall.

It covers openings ranging from 27 inches to 42.1/2 inches in width. Additional extension panel can be bought if your opening is extra wider.

It is fixed on the wall or a banister for a secure fit. It can also be angle mounted at odd spaces. It is lightweight and sturdy. The metal bars are 2.5-inch apart.

This gate swings inwards or outwards. Great for small and medium sized dogs. Available in brown, white and black colors.

Our # 1 Top & Bottom Stairway Gates For Dogs

Most of the options present are made with impressive quality wood, and with science to back up their claims, there is no reason why any of them won’t be beneficial to you.

When it comes to choosing the best stair gates, we have chosen Extra-Wide Carlson Gate and that is for one reason.

Despite other options being the more affordable option of among the products, we have opted for Carlson Gate because of the additional panels.

If you are going to using this on a daily basis then you need to be choosing something that actually can fit in any area of your house. Something to consider as most of us are moving houses more often. Check out our full review of the product.

Extra-Wide Carlson Gate

Regalo Home Accents Gate

Our #1 Recommendation

Additional Panels ​

Premium cherry wood ​
Pressure mounted
One click mechanism

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