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Dust Free Cat LitterDust Free Cat Litter is usually a convenient option to use when filling the litter box.

It is ideal for cats that have respiratory disorders, or for pet owners with asthma or other allergies.

This litter is also easy to pick up from the floor with a vacuum.

There are different litter formulations available on the market today.

Best Vacuum For Cat LitterThere are a variety of vacuums available for cleaning cat litter from multiple surfaces.

These vacuums are designed to be able to pick and suck cat-litter, cat food and hair or fur from variety of surfaces.

Some are designed for cleaning hard or bare floor surfaces while others are ideal for other surfaces such as carpet, upholstery, litter-mats and stairs.

Best Automatic Cat Litter BoxAn automatic cat litter box is a self cleaning type of litter box that eliminates constant scooping, cleaning and refilling.

You will agree with me that cleaning any cat mess is unpleasant and also consumes your valuable time, while controlling odor is also difficult.

A self cleaning litter-box or even grass pee pads will help save your time and keep your house odor-free. In addition, it helps to keep your pet safe and clean.