Pet Safety

Best Doorway Gates For Dogs

The best doorway gates for dogs are designed with durable material. Adjustable and expandable features work best  for these type of barriers, while easy installation features provide a scuff free installation that can be done in matter of minutes. Some of them have a walkthrough feature.

Best Doggie Doors For Screen Doors & Windows

Doggie doors for screen doors are often designed as flap panels that provide adequate opening for dogs and cats to pass through. Just like walkthrough pet gates, these doors provide pets with convenient access in and out of the house and prevent tears on screen-doors.

Expandable Gates For Dogs

Expandable dog gates usually come with adjustable features that add function and style, allowing for a custom-fit installation on the existing home structure. They can be used in different areas around the home for instance in stairways, wider openings, doorways and even angled areas. These barriers provide safe and durable solution, when it comes to …

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