Expandable Gates For Dogs

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Expandable Gate For Dogs

Expandable dog gates usually come with adjustable features that add function and style, allowing for a custom-fit installation on the existing home structure.

They can be used in different areas around the home for instance in stairways, wider openings, doorways and even angled areas.

These barriers provide safe and durable solution, when it comes to containing your pet in a safe environment.

When choosing such barriers, check materials used to ensure that they have been built with durable and safe material. Most of these structures are usually constructed with wood or metal material.

Features such as locking mechanism, wobble-free design, accordion folding style, sturdy structure, convenient walk-through features, standard height, versatility of design, and durability should also be taken into consideration when choosing such gates.

Here are some of these barriers.

Carlson Expandable Pet-Gate

Carlson Expandable Pet-Gate

This Carlson expandable barrier is built with durable all-steel material. It is a sturdy structure ideal for medium to large sized dogs of up to 95 pounds. The 32 inch height deters cats and dogs from jumping over. It is designed with an expandable multi-panel grid that adjusts from 26 to 42 inches in width, making it ideal for hallway openings, stairways, and doorways. A convenient walk-through flap door with latch is added at the bottom left portion of the barrier. It comes in a compact lightweight design that is easier to carry from one area to another. It is also easy to take down.The steel bars are 1.75-inch apart. These vertical bars prevent pets from climbing over, but easier for home owners to step over.

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It has a quick install feature and can be pressure mounted against a door jamb or against walls, in just a matter of minutes. It comes with 4 pressure mount tension bolts, each with an adjustable screw to provide a custom-fit wobble-free design.

Arf Pets Dog Gate

This Arf Pets Dog Gate is freestanding, wooden and foldable. The gate expands to cover openings of up to 80-inches in width. The gate stands at 31.5-inches tall. It consists of 4 panels where one of the panels is a walk through door.The freestanding design allows for a number of configurations. The panels can be configured together to become an enclosed pen.

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Its rich espresso color looks nice and works well with most decor. It comes with two support feet for additional stability.It is easy to move around.

Carlson Wide Adjustable Gate

This is a freestanding adjustable gate. It expands from 40-inch up to 68-inches to fit many openings. It features premium wooden frame with black metal bars. It measure 20-inches in height. It features latch and slide system for easier expansion.

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Fitted with rubber pads at the bottom of the support-feet to protect the floor from scratches. The support feet helps to keep the gate stable. The gate is compact, lightweight and portable .Ideal for puppies and small breeds.

GMI Keepsafe Expansion Gate

GMI Keepsafe Expansion Gate

This GMI Keepsafe expansion gate is a beautifully designed structure with a wide expandable feature that spans as wide as 84 inches. It features collapsible accordion type of design and is ideal for small to medium dogs of 15 to 65 pounds. It is also great for cats. When folded it is 33 inches tall and 30.5 inches when extended fully.It is bult of light hardwood material.It attaches at four points and has to be screwed into the wall. It swivels back to 180 degrees out of the way.It’s wide expandable feature makes it perfect for securing large areas.It can also be used as a child gate.

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It’s diamond pattern design makes it a stylish addition to your home.This pattern also prevents pinch and choke points.

Madison Mill Barrier

Madison Mill Barrier

This Madison Mill barrier is a collapsible accordian gate. It expands up to 42 inches and collapses back to 8 inches. It has a height of 32 inches and is screw mounted. It’s is built with unfinished wood with a non-toxic, smooth finish. It has a light pine color and diamond shaped pattern.

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It is ideal for small to medium sized dogs. This convenient expansion design is great for wide openings and doorways.Once mounted on the wall, it latches on one side so that it can swing open in either way and also close like any standard door.

Wood Four Paws Expansion Barrier

Four Paws Wood Expansion Dog Gate

This accordion wooden gate expands and contracts easily. It is mounted securely on a wall. It expands to fit a width of 24 to 60 inches. It stands at 32-inches tall. It is made of solid varnished beautiful wood. It is ideal for non-jumping small and medium pets. It is lightweight and easier to move from one area to another. It comes with a protective bar at the top to prevent hands and paws from becoming caught.

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It is easier to set up and latches on one side so that it can swing open. It is great for indoor use and it collapses for compact storage. It’s is also easier to remove when not in use and store it completely out of the way. It comes with mounting hardware.

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