Indoor Grass Pee Pads For Dogs

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Indoor Grass Pee Pad For Dogs

Indoor Grass pee pads for dogs are ideal during active and passive potty training.

There are those that are reusable – they’re cost efficient and are designed in a way that they do not leave odors and stains.

There are others that are disposable and are convenient for travelling or indoor use whether in the porches, balconies or patios.

To properly train a puppy or even an adult dog, appropriate area on where to potty should be well defined. It may take weeks to train a puppy where to potty, and accidents are part of the training.

These pee-pads made of real or synthetic grass usually prevent such accidents by providing your dog with a designated area to urinate instead of using the carpet, floor or furniture. This ensures that even when left alone in the house, the dog will potty in the delegated area.

These mats are ideal for those times when going outdoors is not possible, either because of a busy schedule or a location that has limited access to lawns and outdoor facilities.

These pads are therefore helpful during cold weather climate or for those living in high-rise buildings, apartments and for use while in boats, hotels or recreational vehicles.

Here are some of available models.

Prevue Tinkle Turf

Prevue Tinkle Turf

The Prevue Tinkle Turf is available in different sizes ideal for small, medium and large-sized breeds. It is made of high quality synthetic grass that has anti-microbial features that control odors. It comes with a tray where the turf is placed so that liquids can freely pass through and into the tray. This tray protects floors from leaks and stains. Grass material is lead free and safe for pets. The turf can be manually cleaned using warm water and soap.

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Lightweight, it can easily be placed in an outdoor area and even indoors for successful dog potty training. This tinkle turf is also ideal when travelling.

Fresh Patch Disposable Potty

Fresh Patch Disposable Dog Potty

Made of real grass, the Fresh Patch Dog Potty is a fully disposable pee mat that dogs love to use! As compared to synthetic grass mats, this hydroponically grown lawn grass attracts dogs and requires no cleaning at all. The grass patch does not contain dirt while the grass root system absorbs urine and odors.

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It is packed in a leak proof 24 inch x 16 inch tray that is fully disposable. No need to clean parts and mats. Each 24 x 16 inch patch can be conveniently used as a potty area for puppies and dogs under 25 pounds. Several fresh patches may be placed together to create a bigger patch for larger dogs.
The tray is lightweight, weighs only ten pounds, and can be easily discarded once soiled. You need to order a new unit on a continuing basis to replace a discarded patch every 1 to 4 weeks.See video below for a better illustration.

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Doggielawn Disposable Litterbox

Doggielawn Disposable Potty

Doggielawn Disposable Potty is a spacious pet litterbox that’s made of real grass.  Fresh grass smells nice and its root system absorbs urine leaving no undesirable smells and stains. The grass is packaged in a leak free tray, making it convenient to use and also to dispose.

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Unlike synthetic grass, this litterbox requires no cleaning and can be disposed easily once fully soiled. Convenient to use during winter time when below zero degree temperatures does not make it possible or comfortable to walk the pet outside. It’s also easy to train dogs to use it. It is delivered in a cardboard box and can be easily placed in the area delegated as the dog’s potty area. Each litterbox covers a 24.75 x 21 inch area, which is adequate for small to medium sized dogs under 35 pounds. Several trays may also be joined together to form a larger area for large dogs. This is also ideal to use for other pets such as rabbits, cats, and other furry pets.

3-Piece PetZoom Deluxe Relief System

3-Piece PetZoom Deluxe Relief System

The 3-Piece PetZoom Deluxe Relief System is a convenient and effective solution to potty training. Designed with a patch of synthetic pet friendly and eco-friendly turf grass placed on top of a metal grid. A detachable tray that catches liquids once it passes through the turf grass is included for easy cleaning. This relief system prevents bad odors and protects floors from stains.

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It’s easy to clean parts and materials making this system cost efficient. Materials used are non-toxic and are durable and safe for both indoor and outdoor use. The best thing about synthetic turf is that its weather proof and can be used outdoor at any time of the year.Each PetZoom system covers 24 x 18 inches of potty area space. Ideal for dogs up to 20 lbs.

Porch Potty Litter Box

Porch Potty Litter Box

This Porch Potty Litter Box comes with synthetic grass that feels soft and looks pretty real. This grass has good drainage. It is highly constructed and has larger space so that your dog can circle and sniff. It provides 8 square feet area that is suitable to accommodate breeds weighing 5 to 120 pounds. The pad is made from nylon waterproof strands and has sturdy latex backing that does not absorb moisture.It has a flexible 14 foot drain hose that is used to direct liquid off the deck or to any nearby floor drain or rain gutter.

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The drainage hose helps reduce nasty urine odors. You can buy a catch basin separately  in case you want to use it indoors. Requires regular cleaning.

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