Extra Tall Walk-thru Gate

Extra Tall Pet Gates For Large Dogs

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Tall Pet Gates For Large Dogs

Tall pet gates for large dogs are very handy when it comes to containing large pets in a suitable area, and prevent them from accessing another room in your house.

Such a barrier should be tall enough so that a large jumper doesn’t jump over to the other side.

Some of these gates are used as freestanding structures especially on wider openings.

In addition, creating a barrier in doorways or other indoor openings will help prevent your best friend from accessing table food, garbage bins and stoves.

Dogs are lovable pets and are indeed man’s best buddy. When these pets are left on their own, they can become messy and also create havoc. Therefore, it is important to ensure that they are well contained in an area before stepping out of your house to run some errands.

These barriers are constructed with durable wooden or steel material. Others are pressure or hardware mounted.

Here are some of the top tall designs.

Carlson Extra-Tall Walk-Thru 

Extra Tall Walk-thru Gate

This Carlson-gate is constructed with chew proof, non-toxic and lead-free, steel material. It is 41-inches in height. It comes with a 6-inch extension included to help cover a width of 29 inches to 40 inches. Additional extensions can also be bought. It has a walk-through door-opening that is 16-1/8 inches wide. This door has a safety lock that is a one touch release design for easier opening even when hands are full.

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It also has another smaller door that is 10 by 7 inches to allow small pets to pass through while keeping the larger ones in. The space between the vertical bars ranges from 2.25 to 2.5 inches. It can either be pressure mounted or screwed firmly in the wall. It comes with the hardware for mounting it to the wall.

Unipaws Foldable Pet Gate

This Unipaws Pet Wooden Gate is made of espresso wood and has an attractive white finish. It measures 36-inches in height and opens up to 60-inches wide. It consists of three panels joined together by sturdy heavy metal hinges.

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It is fitted with support feet to avoid tipping and for added stability. Rubber pads at the bottom of each panel provides additional stability and protects the floor from scratches. It comes assembled and the freestanding design provides easy setup anywhere in your house.

Flexi Extra Tall Gate

This Flexi Gate is extra tall measuring 38 inches in height. It is also extra-wide expanding to fit openings and stairways up to 76-inches. It has a small pet door measuring 10 by 7 inches to allow small pets to pass through. It is constructed with chew-proof sturdy steel material.

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It is wall mountable. The gap between bars measures 2.75-inches. Comes with wall mounting brackets and is easy to install. Ideal for those who has a giant or large breed dogs.

Superior Deluxe Large-Gate

Superior Deluxe Large Gate

This deluxe large-gate features rubberwood construction with beautiful, oak finish as the main frame. It has black metal wire slats at the center. It is 36.2-inch tall. It fits a width of 61.8 to 90.2 inches. The wire bars are 1.75-inch apart. The walk-through door is 19.5-inch wide. The door opens in either side and is easy to open even with one hand.

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It is fitted with side panels to keep the structure freely standing without tipping over. To prevent the structure from sliding or damaging the floor, it has been fitted with rubber feet underneath. It is ideal for pets weighing 17.6 to 88 pounds.

Swing-Close Expandable Gate

Swing-Close Expandable Pet Gate

This swing-close expandable gate is 40.5-inch tall. It is constructed with durable steel material. It fits openings that are 38 to 42.5 inches wide. If you have a wider opening, you can buy extra extensions. It has a walkthrough door that swings open on either way and is 18 inches wide. The door has an auto shut feature and can be operated with one hand. The metallic-bars are 1.5 to 2.25 inches apart.

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It is available in black and white colors. It can be screwed into the wall or pressure mounted. It usually comes with the right hardware for mounting on the wall. It is easy to install and use.It is ideal for hallways and doorways.

Pet-Studio Extra-Tall Design

pet_studio extra tall_pet_gate

This sturdy extra-tall-gate is constructed with steel metal and has some plastic parts. It is 41-inch tall. It fits on a standard doorway. It fits openings that are 30 to 35.5 inches wide. It has a walkthrough door that self locks and also swings open in both directions. It is easy to open and has a stop mechanism to keep it open. This walkthrough is 18-inch wide. The bars are 1.5 to 2.25 inches apart.

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It is white in color and is pressure mounted. It is easy to use and install. The bars are 2-1/8-inch apart.

Cardinal Gates Extra Tall

Cardinal Gates Extra Tall

This Cardinal-gate features sleek, chew-proof, steel construction. It measures 36-inch in height. It fits areas that are 29.5 to 32.5 inches wide. It can also expand to cover a maximum width of 54.25 inches with the use of extensions. The bars are spaced 2.5-inch apart.

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It is a pressure mount type. It has a walk-thru door that swings open in either side. The door also has an auto close and lock feature. It is available in both black and white colors. It is powder coated and has a clean design.

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