Walk Through Dog & Pet Gates For Home

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Walk Through Pet Gate For HomePet walk through gates ideal for home use are usually fitted with a door design that provides convenient human or pet movement to and from a secured area.

Once installed, they do not obstruct any human foot traffic. These structures are used in indoor spaces such as hallways,doorways and stairways.

Not only does this type of design provide ample security mechanism to secure pets, it also works well with household members including older children and adults.

They are safer and more convenient since you don’t have to step over or remove the barrier when moving to and from the secured room.

Most of these barriers have a walk thru door design with a locking mechanism that can be operated with one hand, making it very convenient even when your hands are full.

Some of these structures have large door openings for use by home owners and large pets, while others are also fitted with small doors designed for small pets.

Here are some of the top rated designs.

Primetime Petz Gate

Primetime Petz Configurable GateThis Primetime Petz Gate can be configured into several different variations, from wall mount gates, to angled structures, and even four-sided freestanding pens and enclosures. It is designed as a foldable four paneled gate. One of the panels includes a 15-inch walk-through door that swings inward and outward. It also has a locking mechanism that keeps the door in place. The panels are built from quality hardwood materials that don’t warp. It has a rich walnut finish that complements well, making it ideal for use inside the home.

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It’s width spans 70 up to 72 inches wide. The space between bars measure 1.75 inch.The design can be angled into different shapes making it ideal to use in wide areas and irregularly shaped spaces. Its foldable design provides convenient set-up, easy transport, and space efficient storage. The gate is 30 inches tall and keeps small and medium sized pets well confined.

Extra Wide Carlson Barrier

Extra Wide Carlson BarrierThis extra-wide barrier is designed for wide openings. It is 30 inches high. Together with the included two extension panels, this barrier covers a width of 29 up to 44 inches. Additional extension panels may also be bought separately  to cover an even wider opening. It has a large door opening with an easy-to-use locking mechanism. The large opening is16 inches wide and is perfect for human and medium to large-sized dogs to pass through.This door also includes a small door-opening that allows small puppies or cats to pass through.

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The small opening is 10 inches wide and 7-inch high.It is constructed with steel material that is chew proof. The metal bars are 2.5-inch apart. Installation is easy and takes minimal time.Four tension bolts with adjustable spindles are included in the package for a quick and easy pressure mount install.This structure is ideal for medium to large dogs that weigh 65 pounds to 95 pounds.
Watch below video for a better illustration.

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Design Studio Gate

Design Studio GateThis Design Studio – gate features cherry-wood decorative accents that add a certain charm and elegance to the design. It is built of quality steel with a charcoal matte finish. It has a 19- inch walk-thru design embellished with cheery wood planks for an added decorative feature. The door panel is designed to open both ways and closes automatically. It has a small pet door located at the lower part of the door panel. This small opening measures 6.75-inch wide and 10.25 inches tall. This barrier is ideal for small and medium pets.This structure is 32 inches in height to prevent cats and dogs from leaping over. The width is adjustable and covers doorways from 37.5 inches to 40 inches wide. The vertical bars are 2–inch apart.

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Installation is pressure mount technique with four tension knobs that are individually adjustable. Pressure pads are also included that protect door jambs and walls from scuffs and scratches. Easy to install and to transport. The whole barrier weighs only 12 pounds while its compact design measures 37.5 by 1 by 32 inches.

Richell Adjustable One-Touch Gate

Richell Adjustable One-Touch GateThis Richell one-touch gate is designed for narrow openings and doorways. It is ideal for doors and openings ranging from 28.3 to 35.8 inches wide. Its height is 30.5-inch. It has a 16.25-inches-wide walkthru door which opens in either direction, allowing free movement from one area to another. It comes with a one-touch handle which allows for easy opening and closing of the door with one hand. When opened, the walkthru stays open at 90 degrees.This structure combines the durability of metal on some of its parts and the warm feel of polished wood as the main structure.The vertical wooden bars are 1.5 inches apart.It is available in a variety of colors.It is easy to use and very durable

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It is a tension mount design and comes with four detachable pressure knobs and adjustable tension spindles. It has a rubber stopper underneath to protect floors from scratches. It is recommended for small to medium dogs weighing 8 to 44 lbs. This gate is lightweight and weighs 12.6 lbs.

Easy accessibility to any area fitted with a barrier is an important factor that has to be taken into consideration every time you want to purchase a safety gate to contain your lovely pet.

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